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There are three Pokémon I still need to get in order to complete the national dex on X&Y.  The problem is that they are event only Pokémon so I can't get them through the GTS, and the ones I had before weren't legally obtained so I can't get them through Poké Transporter.  If anyone has a Mew, Jirachi or Shaymin to give out, I have a Celebi, Manaphy or Vicitini that can be exchanged for it.  My 3DS friend code is 1891-1696-1333, so if anyone is able to trade with me, notify me please.
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Adam Patrick DeLand
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Laparoscopic Photos by AdamDeLand
Laparoscopic Photos
Well I just had my gallbladder removed, and these are some pictures that were taken with the laparoscopy during it.  The thing that's on my liver is believed to be a hemangioma, and I'll have to have a CAT scan later to find out more.
Jan 4, 2015
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Pokemon Type Favorites Meme by AdamDeLand
Pokemon Type Favorites Meme

I have now made a second meme. All the anime stills are different, but there are still some Pokemon from the previous meme that are also on here. Due to this, I'll only mention the ones that are new here.

EDIT: Added update for Gen VI and changed some older ones due to changing opinions.

Bug: Beautifly
How cute can a bug type get?

Dark: Zorua
already explained

Dragon: Latias
I find Latias to be really cute (but I think most others would too), especialy after seeing the 5th movie.

Electric: Emolga
already explained

Fairy: Sylveon
already explained

Fighting: Riolu
already explained

Fire: Fennekin
already explained

Flying: Shaymin sky forme (aka Skymin)
Skymin is easily much better than it's other form because it looks more awesome that way.

Ghost: Yamask
There are very few Ghost types that I find cute, but then I saw the anime, and it solidified it's role.

Grass: Snivy
See Gen favorites meme

Ground: Gligar
Gligar usualy has to be in a certain pose in order to for me to like it. In this case, this pose is good enough to make this list.

Ice: Glaceon
already explained

Normal: Eevee
already explained

Poison: Roserade
To me it seems that Roserade has something to it that makes it facinating, I think it's that cape it has

Psychic: Espeon
already explained

Rock: Amaura
Move over Shieldon, Amaura is now the cutest fossil Pokémon.

Steel: Mawile
I wish that people would stop looking at it's attached jaw and look at it's real face which is truely adorable.

Water: Chinchou
See Gen favorites meme

Gen Favorites Meme:
Gen Type Favorites Meme:

Meme created by :iconaquamizuko:
Pokemon copyright Game Freak, Inc.
Pokemon anime copyright The Pokemon Company International
Pokemon Gen Favorites Meme by AdamDeLand
Pokemon Gen Favorites Meme

So I finally completed my first meme here on DeviantArt. Since I can't draw good, I used anime clips as ususal. Now I shall describe why I like each Pokemon from each Generation.

EDIT: Added Gen VI Pokémon on here and changed some in other generations since my opinions change.

Generation I:

1. Eevee - One of the things you'll hear me say in this is that I love foxes, and Eevee is the perfect example of why I would love them.

2. Mew - For Mew, it'd have to be a certain angle for making it look adorable, and this clip is one that showcases that perfectly.

3. Vulpix - Again, with loving foxes.

4. Growltihe - Makes a great loyal companion, but I'll only prefer females.

Generation II:

1. Espeon - Pretty much my favorite Eeveelution. It's loyal, beautiful, and judging by this anime still, adorable.

2. Cyndaquil - Out of all the starters in the Pokemon universe, Cyndaquil is my third favorite. It looks adorable, and has a voice to match.

3. Furret - Who wouldn't want to cuddle with these little cuties? It's like a livng scarf.

4. Chinchou - What makes Chinchou adorable is it's eyes matched with it's smile. I just can't resist

Generation III:

1. Minun - This Pokemon and its partner are just too adorable to resist, and they'll always be supporting someone.

2. Plusle - See above

3. Absol - It's X & Y sprite makes it smile, so it now looks more affectionate.  Also has a great mega evolution.

4. Mighyena - Most people misjudge this Pokemon as fierce, but it's completely loyal to those it trusts...and sometimes affectionate as well. Also it looks awesome

Generation IV:

1. Riolu - God these things are just too adorable to resist. When you see one, you just want to get up and hug one. In my White version game, I was able to catch a female one (anyone been able to do that?) and I gave it an evertstone because I want it to remain adorable forever (have I said adorable too much?)

2. Glaceon - I just recently started to fall in love with this one, and is really close to beating Espeon as my favorite Eeveelution.

3. Azelf - Forget Mew as the cutest legendary, Azelf is cute no matter what angle you look at.

4. Pachirisu - I always say that Pikachu is overrated, so that's why I've included this cutie, who in my opinion beats out Pikachu any day.

Generation V:

1. Emolga - For sure the cutest electric rodent of them all, and this still is the perfect proof.

2. Zorua - Once again, I love foxes, and Zorua is surely not an exception. I just want to cuddle with one every time I see one.

3. Snivy - Ever since the Smugleaf meme surfaced, I instantly became a fan. This still also proves how smug, yet adorable at the same time Snivy can be.

4. Mienfoo - First time I saw one I thought to myself that this is the Riolu of Gen V (though Zorua most likely is actually) and so I just had to fall in love with it.

Generation VI:

1. Fennekin: Obliviously the one I automatically decided on starting with. As a lover of foxes, I was so ecstatic that a fox Pokémon was made as a starter.

2. Meowstic (male): I like only the male one here, mainly because it looks the most innocent, and most cat Pokémon are often seen as female.

3. Chespin: This little one always looks optimistic, and I just like that about it.

4. Sylveon: As long as it's male, then I would approve of having one of these. They are gorgeous after all.

Meme created by :iconzhampy:
Pokemon copyright Game Freak, Inc.
Pokemon anime copyright The Pokemon Company International

Type Favorite:
Gen Type Favorite:
Pokemon Gen Type Favorites Meme by AdamDeLand
Pokemon Gen Type Favorites Meme
:iconreadplz: :iconcommentplz:

Alright, my third meme, and this time it's a combination of the previous 2 I did. Instead of using anime stills, however, I'm using artwork from Bulbagarden Archives which includes Sugimori art, anime art, and Dream World Sprites. This one was harder though since some of these I really don't care for, but I did it anyways. Now I will explain why I chose them (the ones that are new).

Edit: found a new template to use to include Generation VI in.  Also since there isn't a Legendary column, I can put legendaries in other columns now, which makes it easier.

Note to template creator: I'm really sorry, but I cannot draw any of these Pokémon.  This is the only way I can do these things.

Generation I

Grass: Oddish
I seem to find Oddish really cute for some reason, and it seems really caring as well.

Fire: Vulpix
already explained

Water: Seel
Not many Water types I like, but Seel I guess is one I can accept.

Electric: Jolteon
Wasn't always a fan of Jolteon, but it's the Electric type I like best in Gen I, also :iconstarmuttani: made me like it more.

Ground: Sandshrew
I had a hard time deciding between this and it's evolution. I decided Sandshrew because images of it are more cute even though in the anime Sandslash has the better voice.

Rock: Kabuto
It's the only Rock type in Gen I that I think is cute.

Steel: Magnamite
Only 2 Steel types in Gen I, and I used to like Magnamite back in the day so...

Bug: Butterfree
It always seems so innocent and caring.

Flying: Farfectch'd
I like it's name and the fact it always carries a leek. Don't know why it does it, but it's unique.

Poison: Nidoran♀
The female Nidoran is to me much more cuter than the male one.

Ice: Lapras
Lapras is interesting since it can be used for getting around, and it's kind to humans I think.

Normal: Eevee
already explained

Fighting: Hitmonlee
Don't really care for Hitmonlee now, but back in the day I thought it was interesting.

Psychic: Mew
Already explained

Ghost: Gastly
There's only 3 Ghost types in Gen I, and Gastly is the only one I find likeness for.

Dark: none
No dark types this generation.  Thankfully the template came with a black spot already.

Dragon: Dratini
Only 3 Dragon types, one is cute. Nothing more needs to be said

Fairy: Jigglypuff
Hey, if it appears in Smash Bros. then it's fine by me.

Generation II

Grass: Bayleef
I like Bayleef better than Chickorita probably due to the fact Ash's really got more playful when it evolved into one.

Fire: Cyndaquil
already explained

Water: Chinchou
already explained

Electric: Pichu
This is really the only one in its line that I like. Probably because they're smaller.

Ground: Swinub
In order to understand why I like Swinub, you'd have to see one in the anime.

Rock: Larvitar
Like Swinub, Larvitar's cuteness is only shown in the anime.

Steel: Scizzor
It's design is certainly better than the other Steel types in this generation imo.

Bug: Ledian
I really like the design of Ledian. I can't quite explain why though.

Flying: Gligar
already explained

Poison: Spinarak
This is one spider that's not creepy.

Ice: Sneasel
It may be crafty, but it's still cute.

Normal: Furret
already explained

Fighting: Tyrouge
I guess it's sorta like Riolu, but I wish they weren't all male.

Psychic: Espeon
already explained

Ghost: Misdreavus
Well it's the only Ghost type in Gen II so...

Dark: Umbreon
Basically my 3rd favorite Eeveelution. It looks best when it doesn't look fierce.

Dragon: Mega Ampharos
By the power of mega stones...IT HAS THE POWER!!!!

Fairy: Marill
They always seem to be happy, and their design is also good for me.

Generation III

Grass: Nuzleaf
It's almost like Riolu's Grass type brother, except that it's also part Dark type.

Fire: Torchic
It was really the only Fire type that I like this generation, but it was the starter I chose when I decided to give Ruby version a try.

Water: Milotic
:iconitsbeautifulplz:. Need I say more?

Electric: Minun
I like both it and its twin, but I went with Minun because I like it's dream world sprite a lot.

Ground: Vibrava
It doesn't really look like a ground type, but it does look like a good companion.

Rock: Aron
Sometimes I find it cute...sometimes.

Steel: Mawile
already explained

Bug: Beautifly
already explained

Flying: Masquerain
It was the only flying type left that I liked. Also I find this Pokemon overlooked.

Poison: Roselia
Who would've thought something this small and innocent would be considered poison?

Ice: Snorunt
I like it better when it smiles.

Normal: Linoone
It seems a lot like Furret, so that's why I went with it.

Fighting: Breloom
I seem to like its design, don't know why though.

Psychic: Latias
already explained

Ghost: Shuppet
Probably only one of the 2 Ghost types that I find cute.

Dark: Absol
already explained

Dragon: Flygon
It looks very interesting imo.

Fairy: Ralts
Hiding it's eyes makes it even more cuter when it smiles.

Generation IV

Grass: Leafeon
I wasn't originally a fan of Leafeon, but :iconcaninehybrid: helped me like it more.

Fire: Monferno
They say it's playful, and judging by the anime, I guess I can believe it.

Water: Buizel
It can really be playful as it's described before.

Electric: Pachirisu
already explained

Ground: Gliscor
It's close enough to what it's pre-evoled form was, so I can add it here.

Rock: Sheildon
A fossil Pokemon that's actually really cute? Say it ain't so!

Steel: Lucario
Not a big fan of Lucario as I am with Riolu, mainly because there's not much artwork of it I really like. However, I already used Sheildon for Rock.

Bug: Mothim
Really cute bug, and also interesting that it's only male.

Flying: Shaymin (sky forme)
already explained

Poison: Roserade
already explained

Ice: Glaceon
already explained

Normal: Chatot
Some of you probably didn't think this one was Normal type. But anyways, this Pokemon can make a great companion.

Fighting: Riolu
already explained

Psychic: Azelf
already explained

Ghost: Rotom
I only like it's regular form. It's the only one that's cute.

Dark: Weavile
Not a big fan of Weavile unlike it's pre-evolution, but out of all the Gen IV dark types, it's the one I like best.

Dragon: Gible
It's the only Dragon type in Gen IV that's good enough for me.

Fairy: Togekiss
This was really the only Fairy type in Gen IV that I seemed to like, it's also a peaceful Pokémon so it's got that going for it.

Generation V

Grass: Snivy
already explained

Fire: Victini
It's pretty much the only cute legendary this generation, and the movie really helped show that.

Water: Keldeo
A kelpie that's both cute and kicks a at the same time is good for me.  I wish it made it as a SSB playable character instead of f-ing Greninja

Electric: Emolga
already explained

Ground: Excadrill
I used to think this was an intimidating Pokemon, but after finding out it's height and watching the anime, it went up on my like list a lot.

Rock: Dwebble
I really didn't care for Dwebble much, then I watched the anime and I fell in love with it.

Steel: Pawniard
I already selected Excadrill for Ground, but Pawniard it suitable enough for me somewhat.

Bug: Joltik
Smallest Pokemon ever? I guess that's good enough for me.

Flying: Archen
While not as cute as Shieldon or Amaura, it's good enough for a pass.

Poison: Trubbish
Ugly Pokemon? Well...this photo isn't the best example to prove my point.

Ice: Cubchoo
Doesn't its dream world sprite look adorable? Also check it out in the anime for more of it.

Normal: Minccino
It's cute, but Emolga still takes the cake.

Fighting: Mienfoo
already explained

Psychic: Reuniclus
It's a little cute body inside a geletonus substance. Need I say more?

Ghost: Yamask
already explained

Dark: Zorua
already explained

Dragon: Axew
Is this the cutest Dragon type Pokemon of all time or what?

Fairy: Whimsicott
The fact it always has a happy face makes it a winner for me.

Generation VI

Grass: Chespin
already explained

Fire: Fennekin
already explained

Water: Clauncher
Its design is alright with me, just wished it smiled more.

Electric: Helioptile
This one reminded of Mawile a lot, only cuter.

Ground: Zygarde
I really can't think of anything to say about why I included it.

Rock: Amaura
already explained

Steel: Honedge
When it's unsheathed, then it looks more interesting.

Bug: Vivillon
Looks like Beautifly has got some competition in the cuteness category.

Flying: Noivern
The design of this Pokémon is certainly awesome for sure.

Poison: none
There are no poison types I like this generation. Just to prove it's my least favorite type.

Ice: Bergmite
It's eh, but I'll wait until the anime to see if it's cute enough.

Normal: Furfrou
I prefer it being unstyled, it looks better that way for me.

Fighting: Pancham
They say it's playful, and I guess I'd have to hand it to them then.  Also the anime makes it cuter.

Psychic: Meowstic (male)
already explained

Ghost: Phantump
Its story may be tragic, but with that face I believe it can be befriended easily.

Dark: Inkay
It's more eh to me, but at least it's good enough to me.

Dragon: Goomy
It may not look like a dragon, but at least it's fine enough to include (and because I already used Noivern).

Fairy: Sylveon
already explained

Previous Memes
Generation Favorites:
Type Favorite:

Original meme created by :iconatomic-fate:
Pokemon copyright Game Freak, Inc.
All Pokemon images belong to respectable owners and not me.


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