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There are three Pokémon I still need to get in order to complete the national dex on X&Y.  The problem is that they are event only Pokémon so I can't get them through the GTS, and the ones I had before weren't legally obtained so I can't get them through Poké Transporter.  If anyone has a Mew, Jirachi or Shaymin to give out, I have a Celebi, Manaphy or Vicitini that can be exchanged for it.  My 3DS friend code is 1891-1696-1333, so if anyone is able to trade with me, notify me please.
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Adam Patrick DeLand
United States
Like a boss, as in I'm boss

Current Residence: Holland, Michigan
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I wasn't always one for being against animal abuse, but one of the most traumatic experiences for me recently pretty much made me that way.  And the weird thing is, it happened with a fake animal.

It started when I came across an old friend of mine.  I haven't seen him since about 5 years, and all this time I was wondering what he was doing.  He told me that he had been doing time for animal abuse.  Apparently he had a knack for throwing cats for show, but one spectator ratted him out.  I told him that he had it coming, and then I left him.

Though when I went back to my home, I was sulking about what my friend did.  However, something unusual went through my head: what was abusing animals like, I never wanted to do it because I knew I'd get busted, but learning of this just made me curious of what it was like.  I then decided that I might as well find out a way of how it's like, but I didn't want to actually do it.  Luckily, I knew of a way to do so.

Once I got back home, I got out my copy of Pokémon X.  I had completed everything in the game, and I figured I just get it out for leisurely purposes, or at least I though it would be that way for now.  As I turned it on, my pet cat Lecce came in my room and onto my bed.  This reminded me that if my friend had got busted for mistreating cats, I might as well try it on a cat Pokémon.  Meowstic specifically came to mind, but I didn't want to use the Meowstic I had trained in the game because that would feel like betrayal, so I decided to get one of the GTS.  After a while, I got one, and seeing it reminded me of why I named my own Meostic after Lecce.  He originally had purple eyes when he was a kitten, just like Meowstic's pre-evolved form Espurr, then when he grew older his eyes turned green and black like Meowstic's.  Having that thought go through, I went and opened up Pokémon Amie with the newly received Meowstic.

In Pokémon Amie, I did various things to get the Meowstic angry, like petting his ears which are its "no pet spot".  Then I tried tapping him hardly.  Both of these actions made him angry as it seemed, which was my goal.  Soon I came to my senses of what was essentially doing, and stopped doing so.  I then tried to pet him regularly, and he seemed to be aloof at me.  I then tried calling out to him, but it didn't do much.  I then stopped doing things and see how he'd react.  For a few seconds he didn't do anything, then suddenly, he smiled, in a rather mean way.  This was completely odd, as Meowstic was supposed to keep an emotionless face.  Sure the anime has shown Meowstic smiling, but they hardly keep canon.  I was kept in a puzzled look over that face, then all of a sudden, he scratched the screen, with big scratch marks appearing.  The screen suddenly went white.  The game then went back to the main exploring screen, except my avatar was all limp like.  There was a text box that said not to move, but I did it anyway, and then my avatar fell over and collapsed.  The screen went white again, and then it went back to title screen.  I turned the game off then.

What the hell did I just witness?  I was pretty sure I played the game all the way through, and I never heard of this.  Was this some sort of easter egg that was undiscovered?  I then turned to Lecce for comfort, but he wasn't there.  I saw the door was open, so I figured he probably left the room.  I looked under the coffee table considering that's where he, as well as several other cats, like to hang out.  I found him there and tried to pet him, but he seemed reluctant at that.  I tried to comfort him by speaking to him, but still no reaction.  I then remained quiet for a while, then all of a sudden, he scratched me several times in the eyes.  I was actually screaming, since it actually hurt.  I couldn't see anything since he got my eyes.  I then ran into a wall really hard, and blacked out.

When I woke up, I still couldn't see.  I could tell I was laying down in a bed, but there was no one around.  I then heard a voice speak to me; it was my mother.  She said she found me lying on the ground passed out, and took me to the ER as fast as she could.  She the told me that Lecce had blinded me from the scratches, but that it was fixable and would require some minor surgery.  She didn't know what would cause Lecce to do that, but she would consider doing something to take care of the matter some other time.  I laid back down, still unable to see anything.  Despite being blind, the scratch marks from Lecce were basically burnt into my mind that I could still make them out.  Then I realized I could also make out the marks left by the Meowstic on the screen of the game.  I wondered if they would form anything together, and suddenly I noticed they formed a word, a word that made my skin crawl since it made sense now: "WHY".
Pokemon Creepypasta: Mistreatment
I promised myself I'd stay away from the Creepypasta territory, but after a part of a dream I had featured this happening, I figured I must put this to word.  I tried to be as original as possible, and since it is my first one it probably isn't up to professional standards.  Don't expect me to do more, but I really wanted to this after my dream.
Laparoscopic Photos by AdamDeLand
Laparoscopic Photos
Well I just had my gallbladder removed, and these are some pictures that were taken with the laparoscopy during it.  The thing that's on my liver is believed to be a hemangioma, and I'll have to have a CAT scan later to find out more.
Jan 4, 2015
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